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12:55 PM, Feb 21 2021

Hello everyone,

My name is Kath and I am very much looking forward to joining you as your curate in the summer.  I am presently training at Ripon College Cuddesdon, just outside Oxford.

I am a cradle Anglican and I love the Anglican Church. I often say if you cut me in half you’ll see the word ‘Anglican’ written through me like a stick of rock! My journey to ordained ministry has been a long one. I have felt a call towards ordination since I was 18, and, well, to cut a long story short, I finally went forward, with quite a significant shove from a clergy friend, five years ago and I started the process of selection and training. Between calling and training I have had an interesting journey. Having worked as a youth and community worker and a cathedral verger, as a casual at Durham when I first arrived in the North East and before, for a short time at Southwark and for a longer time as verger at Canterbury, for which I have a particular affection, and I am sure I can bore you with countless tales of Cathedral life!  My work in cathedrals has instilled a love of good liturgy, and has shown me how liturgy, especially Eucharistic liturgy, can enrich our relationship which Christ and with each other at the deepest level, and that we can, through worship, have a tiny glimpse of heaven on earth.

Just prior to training I worked for Durham University, in the library department  where I was based in Ushaw College, a jewel in the crown of the North East and prior to that with the same department at Palace Green Library, which was fascinating and richly rewarding, especially during the Lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition.

I have lived all over the country, but I grew up in Suffolk where I still have deep roots, with my father and many of my family still living there. I also have a sister, a brother-in-law-to-be and a small niece, Charlotte, the apple of her Auntie’s eye! One of my favourite occupations at the moment is Zoom story time with Charlotte. Other things I especially enjoy when I have some free time are cross stich and basic embroidery (one day I would like to improve that!), reading and baking (try dragging me away from Bake Off!) and I am also a keen novice gardener. I am a cat lover and I am a proud owner (or am owned by, if you understand cats) a small black cat called Cosmo.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time training. Ripon College Cuddesdon is set in the most beautiful Oxfordshire countryside I am, at present the Student governor and for this term I am the College Admiral. The Admiral has a fine tradition, which we believe stretches back over 100 years to when one half of the College’s foundation, Ripon Hall, was based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, a city with a close affection I am sure for us.

I am loving my time at Cuddesdon, and I am really looking forward to joining you in July. I received such a warm welcome in August on my visit, and Jen is just fantastic. I feel privileged to have been offered this curacy and I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you all very much.


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